LSE100: The LSE Course


LSE's flagship interdisciplinary course for all undergraduate students, designed to bring you into the heart of the LSE tradition of engaging with big questions.

Instead of a factual, statistical demonstration of social phenomena backed up by predictable interpretations of the data provided, LSE100 presented students with unconventional and contemporary evaluations of the causes and solutions to the social issues


LSE100 TheLSECourse

New LSE100 students! Check out the Welcome Marquee for #LSEResearchShowcase this week at 11am: ➡️TODAY 28/9: Under……

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LSE100 TheLSECourse

RT @EdenLSE: This is a great Friday listen. Check it out (@lsesu @LSE_SSC @TheLSECourse)

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LSE100 Assessment


LSE100, London School of Economics and Political Science, 20 Kingsway, Portugal Street WC2A 2AE

Course Office, KSW 4.02 (Fourth Floor)

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