Careers in a year


LSE students’ diverse career interests span a wide range of sectors, organisation types, roles and geographies. Our careers programmes reflect this diversity and are designed to encourage you to spend some time exploring and developing your own interests. That includes our events, which give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, find out more about different opportunities and make connections with professionals.

You‘ll find many different types of events, from large careers fairs, some now run virtually, through to sector panels and information sessions where you will largely be in listening mode, to small group discussions where you’ll be able to go into more detail with representatives from individual employers and alumni.

We plan some of our events to reflect directly the recruitment patterns of different sectors and employers, and throughout the year our themed events programmes bring together employers and alumni in different ways to allow you to focus on particular career areas or locations.

We give you a snapshot below of what a year looks like. Use it to help with your career planning activities.

Programmes that launch in Autumn Term

In Autumn Term there is lots of recruitment activity, particularly on the part of large organisations, and much of it focused on graduate training programmes.

Applications Day

Those of you who want to prepare early for the upcoming recruitment season will find it useful to join us on the first Saturday of term when we run a series of seminars on the nuts and bolts of applications.

Careers in the US and Canada 

This programme kicks off early in the term with a focus on the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) and then offers opportunities to engage with US and Canadian based employers and alumni throughout the year.

Careers in the UK for international students

Careers in the UK is our year-long programme which is designed to help international students and graduates looking for work in the UK, either during or after their studies, to navigate recruitment processes and build their professional networks.

Careers in India

In 2023/24, LSE Careers is launching a new Careers in India programme. A highlight of the programme is our flagship Careers in India event that will take place in April 2024 in Mumbai.

Discover | Banking and financial services

Led by our flagship Banking and Financial Services Careers Fair, Discover Banking and financial services is our careers programme for students seeking career insights, recruitment information, and opportunities in the banking and financial sectors.

Discover | Consultancy 

Led by our flagship Consultancy Careers Fair, Discover | Consultancy is our careers programme for students seeking career insights, recruitment information, and opportunities in consultancy.

Discover | Public sector and policy

If you’re considering a career in the public sector or would like to find out more about different types of policy and political work, our Discover | Public sector and policy programme can help you understand the wide range of opportunities available. 

Discover | International Development (ID)

Thinking of working in development? Whether you’re unsure what you want from your career, or you already have some ideas you’d like to explore further, our Discover | ID programme is designed specifically for any LSE student or recent graduate with an interest in the development sector.

Discover | International Organisations

Discover | International Organisations is our careers programme for LSE students looking to understand what different international organisations do, how they are structured, and what they might be looking for in applicants.

Discover | Sustainability

Looking to explore sustainability-related careers opportunities? Discover | Sustainability is our careers programme for students and recent alumni looking to do just that. 

Discover | Law and legal services

Discover | Law and legal services is our careers programme for LSE students and recent graduates interested in working in law.

Discover | FMCG and global brands

Brand new for 2023/24, our Discover | FMCG and global brands programme will introduce you to some of the opportunities available in the industry and help you understand the skills and experience that are important for and can be developed in FMCG-related roles. 

Programmes that launch in Winter Term

During the course of the term we continue looking at careers and opportunities within the development sector. We also explore emerging and less traditional sectors and engage with the smaller organisations who are recruiting throughout the year.

Discover | Data

Part of our series of sector discovery programmes, Discover | Data is our programme for LSE students who are interested in working in any kind of data role. This might include roles in data analytics, data science, AI, machine learning, automation, and other roles with data at the heart of their day-to-day tasks.

Discover | Tech

This is our careers programme for current LSE students and recent graduates wanting to find out more about a career in the tech sector, in either technical or non-technical roles. This could be in big tech organisations, consultancies, or startups in FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech and related areas.

Discover | Careers in creative industries

This programme includes a series of masterclasses, hands-on skills sessions, screenings and panel events to provide an overview of roles, and diverse range of routes into, the creative sector.

Careers in Brussels

If you’re interested in in a career within the EU institutions and the organisations that work with them then this programme is for you. It usually includes an internships fair, opportunities to connect with Brussels-based alumni and attend workshops with key employers.

Careers in China

Employers in finance, consulting, energy, technology and education take part in this programme which supports students looking to work for international and Chinese organisations based in Mainland China and Hong Kong (SAR).

Discover | Careers with social impact

As well as exploring options in NGOs and charities, this programme also encourages you to explore the full breadth of ‘social impact careers’ across many sectors, as well as supporting you to understand exactly what a ‘career with social impact’ means to you.

Discover | Political risk

This programme offers an opportunity for students interested in gaining insights into some of the broadest, most dynamic and international sectors to work in.

Across all terms

The events outlined above are complemented during the year by further opportunities to engage with alumni and employers as well as skills sessions and workshops which will help you develop the skills to grow and succeed.

Diversity and inclusion programme

We run several diversity-focused events and student support initiatives in areas including being disabled, being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ+) and based on race equity, gender and social mobility.

Meet an alum

Throughout term time, we invite alumni to speak with small groups of students about their career. The sessions focus on specific themes and allow you to build your knowledge and understanding.

Employer recruitment and networking events

An opportunity for informal discussion with groups of employers from a specific sector.

Employer presentations

Learn more about employers and organisations and ask your questions about recruitment and more generally about the culture of the organisations through live presentations delivered by a range of sectors.

Skills seminars with employers

You might feel that you need a chance to practice your interview technique, understand what it feels like to work with a group of strangers to solve a business problem or want to get to grips with the numeracy tests that employers expect you to complete. Our skills programme focuses on helping you prepare for today’s tough recruitment processes, offering you the chance to experience the kind of work you’ll do with a particular employer and helping you develop the broader skills a successful professional needs.