Frequently asked questions

A list of common enquiries received by the Financial Support Office from LSE students.

If your query is not answered here, please contact the Financial Support Office.

I did not get my offer in time to apply for any scholarships. I have registered, but now I am having financial difficulties. Is there anything that I can apply for?

Undergraduate students with Home fee status, you may be able to apply for assistance with living costs, via the LSE Access Fund.

For other students, it would be considered your responsibility to ensure you have secured enough money to meet tuition fees and living costs before registering. The School is only able to help in cases where you had secured sufficient funds to register but have since encountered unexpected financial difficulties.

I am experiencing financial difficulties which were not foreseen at the time that I registered. Are there any emergency or hardship funds that I would be eligible to apply for?

I have an LSE PhD studentship but cannot study due to sickness.

LSE PhD students who currently hold one of the following funds can be considered for additional funding during a period of sickness absence under the LSE Funded PhD Students Sickess Payment Policy:

  • LSE PhD Studentship
  • LSE PhD Studentship on Analysing and Challenging Inequalities
  • LSE PhD Studentship in Data Science
  • ESRC studentship holders in any period of LSE "top-up" funding

I am a student with Home UK Fee status and need some money for rent, food and bills. My fees are paid. What can I do?

Undergraduate students with Home fee status, you may be able to apply for assistance with living costs, via the LSE Access Fund.

Other groups of students (Overseas fee status, and postgraduate) can take a look at our web pages with information about external (non-LSE) grant making bodies and part-time work as potential sources of additinonal income. 

I have been made a hardship fund award. How do I take up the award?

All awards made are offset against any tuition fees due in the first instance.

If after your tuition fees have been paid, and there is a balance of funds from any award of less than £1,000, it will be paid to you in one single instalment. If the amount is greater than £1,000 it will be paid in termly instalments. 

If you are to receive such a payment it will be made direct to your bank account that you have saved in the Finance Hub.

Does LSE administer loans for registered students?

LSE does not offer a loan scheme for students. There is information about loan providers here.

Can I apply for a scholarship as a current student?

You can only be considered for scholarships in advance of first registering at the LSE.  

Unfortunately there are no scholarships you can apply for after you have started your programme of study. This is partly because we want people to register knowing that they have the funds in place to cover tuition fees and living costs for the full length of their programme, otherwise it can be stressful to source additional funding while studying, and if there is no funding available, some have to interrupt or withdraw from their studies.

I am a current MSc student applying to study for an MPhil/PhD next year. What scholarships can I apply for?

Please see scholarships for research programmes here.

I am an undergraduate applying to study on an MSc programme next year. What scholarships can I apply for?

I was awarded an LSE scholarship - will it be renewed?

This depends on the particular scholarship in question. Whether it is renewable is usually stated in the original award letter. Any renewal is subject to satisfactory academic progress which means you need to be allowed to progress to the subsequent year of study. 

Once your academic progression has been confirmed we will contact award holders, normally in August, to confirm the scholarship has been renewed.

If you are taking repeat teaching, you should contact the Financial Support Office to confirm the status of your funding.

If you are sitting exams with no teaching we cannot renew a scholarship or offer funding until you are re-registered for teaching. 

Please contact the Financial Support Office if you have a query regarding renewing a scholarship - do not assume that your scholarship will be automatically renewed.

Can I apply for my LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme Award to be increased now/next year?

If you are currently experiencing unexpected financial difficulties, you should apply for In-course financial support.

If your circumstances will be changing in the next academic year, you should contact the Financial Support Office at the end of the Spring Term, to discuss how your financial situation will be affected. 

Is any financial assistance available to help with the cost of LSE Language Centre Certificate Courses?

The Financial Support Office is unable to assist with the cost of Language Centre courses, though you may like to contact the academic department in which you are studying to see if any help is available.

Are there any specific funds to assist students with disabilities or to cover childcare costs?

The Financial Support Office has some funds for student parents, more information can be found here: Support for student parents

Please contact the Student Wellbeing Service for more advice on the support LSE can offer. 

The Students' Union which has limited funds available to certain eligible groups.