Graduation Ceremonies

Beijing Ceremony

Information about the annual graduation ceremony held in Beijing, China

Pro Director addressing graduands at Beijing Ceremony 2017

There will be no ceremony taking place in Beijing in 2024. Please check next year for information about future ceremonies.

You are more than welcome to attend even if you have previously attended a ceremony in London, or have booked to attend a ceremony in London.

Invitations and Attendance

Invitations to the Beijing ceremonies will be sent in early April.

Even if you have attended a London ceremony previously, or will attend the London ceremonies this summer, you can still book to attend the Beijing ceremony. You are allowed to attend both the Beijing ceremony and London ceremonies.

Please note that if you do not complete your programme you will not be able to participate in the Beijing ceremony. Students are asked to book in advance of results being published in order to allow us time to make the necessary arrangements. 

Neither this web page nor the invitation should be taken as an indication of your examination results. If you book a place at the ceremony and do not successfully complete your programme, you will automatically receive a refund following publication of your results.

Booking your place

Bookings include:

  • Academic Dress purchase for students
  • The Ceremony
  • A commerative certificate issued for graduates
  • Beijing Ceremony brochure
  • Post Ceremony tea party

Please see your booking confirmation for additional details about the refund policy.





Academic Dress

The Graduand booking includes purchase of the LSE Graduation in China academic dress. When booking your place, you will need to provide your height measurement. Your cap and gown will be available to collect prior to the graduation ceremony at the venue.

Students should wear business/corporate dress under their gown.

Simultaneous translation services

There will be simultaneous translation (Chinese-English/English-Chinese) throughout the graduation. If your family members or guests require use of the translation headset each person will be required to provide an ID card and a CNY 200 deposit when collecting the translation headset at the Translation Services Desk before the start of the graduation. The ID card and CNY 200 deposit will be returned to your guest/family member when they return their headset at the end of the Graduation ceremony. The headset should be returned to the Translation Services Desk. 

Please note this is NOT an LSE translator, and therefore LSE is not responsible for the services provided by this company.


There will be a professional photographer on-site at the graduation ceremony, providing photography services to any interested graduates who are participating in the ceremony. Details on fees and photo collection delivery will be explained on-site by the photographer.

Please note this is NOT an LSE photographer, and therefore LSE is not responsible for the services provided by this company.


The dress code is business/corporate dress. Students and academics participating in the graduation ceremony will wear academic dress.


Participants who attend the ceremony will receive a commemorative certificate.

See LSE Degree Certificates for details about your LSE degree certificate. 

LSE China Conference


Previous events

LSE has held graduation ceremonies in China since 2010. Details of past events, are available on the LSE Graduation in China website.