Intermediate Transcripts

for current students

Intermediate transcripts show your results from previous years and the courses you are currently taking


Intermediate transcripts are available for continuing students - i.e. students who have not yet graduated but who have received formal results for at least one year of study. Examples of such students include second and third year undergraduates with published results for earlier years, or graduate students on the second year of a two year programme

N.B.: Intermediate transcripts are only available to current non-Year 1 undergraduate students, and to current Year 2 full-time and part-time postgraduate students. We cannot produce intermediate transcripts for students in Year 1 until their final, ratified results are published after the July, IRDAP or November exam boards.

What is shown on an intermediate transcript?

An intermediate transcript will contain the following information:

  • Your full name 
  • Your date of birth
  • Your LSE student number
  • The title and subject of your programme of study
  • The details of the modules studied and the marks awarded. Fail marks will also be shown.
  • Start date of your programme
  • Expected programme completion date
  • Language of instruction and assessment 

When can intermediate transcripts be requested?

After your results have been published

You can only request an intermediate transcript when you have received formal (i.e. non-provisional) results. This normally means that you need to have succesfully completed one year of study at LSE.

Outside of the results processing period

To allow results to be processed effectively, the transcript ordering facility is closed during results processing. If you are likely to need a transcript please request it in advance of these dates.

Currently, most students can request intermediate transcripts. We may not be able to issue an intermediate transcript if you are expecting RDAP results in March 2023. 

Alternatives to Intermediate Transcripts

When intermediate transcripts are not available you may want to consider requesting a Certificate or Registration or Certificate of Course Choice instead. You can find out more about these documents at Certificates and Letters.

How to request your intermediate transcript

During term time: 

If you are a registered student and are attending teaching during the current academic year, you should come to the Student Services Centre and we will print your transcript immediately. 

If you are an unregistered student not attending teaching during the current academic year, or are a student studying overseas for the year, then you should complete the request form below.

Outside of term time

The Student Services Centre will still be open as normal (except for School closure days and during graduation). If you cannot come onto campus because you are not in London, then you should complete the online form below to request for your intermediate transcript to be emailed to you.

Have your transcript posted

If you need your intermediate transcript posted in a stamped and sealed envelope for an application (for example to WES or LSAC), you should complete the Student Services enquiry form. Please provide any necessary addresses, forms and reference numbers when submitting the enquiry form.

Please note that all transcripts will be posted by standard post; delivery times are around 3-5 working days for Europe and 15-20 working days to all other international destinations.

Request an intermediate transcript

Request an intermediate transcript

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  • Your Name
  • Level of study


Continuing and Finalist student who have not yet received any formal results.

If you are a masters or first year undergraduate student and have not yet received your results, then we are unable to provide you with an intermediate transcript. This is because any marks you have received throughout the year are provisional until they have been formally ratified and released by the School.

However, you can request a Certificate of Course Choice, which will provide you with written confirmation of the courses you have studied during your first year of study. 

Finalists who have received formal results

You will be issued with a final transcript via the Digitary system shortly after results are released.