Student Status Documentation

proving that you're a student at LSE

We have a range of documentation to help you prove that you're studying at LSE


There is a range of documentation available for current students. The information below should help you choose which is right for you. 

Certificate of Enrolment

A certificate of enrolment can be used to prove that you are an LSE student. They are typically used for things like council tax, opening bank accounts, applying for visas and other similar things. 

For more information on how to obtain a certificate of enrolment visit Certificates and Letters

Intermediate Transcripts and Certificates of Course Selection

Intermediate Transcripts

Intermediate transcripts are available for continuing students who have not yet graduated but have received formal results for at least one year of study. They will show all your past results and the courses you have chosen for the current year. 

For more information on how to obtain an intermediate transcript visit Intermediate Transcripts

Certificate of Course Selection

Certificates of Course Selection provide written confirmation of the courses that you have selected for the current academic year. For more information on how to obtain a Certificate of Course Selection visit Certificates and Letters.

LSE Cards

Your LSE Card is the gateway to many services at LSE. It is required for access into many of our buildings, serves as your library card and is needed if you visit services such as the Student Services Centre or Careers. 

You will receive your card when you enrol. If your card is lost, stolen, damaged or expired please visit LSE Cards for more information on how to get a replacement.

Degree Certificates and Final Transcripts

Degree Certificates

Your Degree Certificate will be available at your graduation ceremony. Visit Degree Certificates for more information on collecting your Degree Certificate. 

Final Transcripts

Final transcripts are made available through the Digitary system shortly after results are released. For more information visit Final Transcripts

Reference Letters and Degree Verification

Reference Letters

Reference letters are typically produced by your Academic Mentor or another member of academic staff within your department. Please contact your department for more information. 

Undergraduate students may also want to consider contacting their Departmental Tutor

Degree Verification

LSE uses the Higher Education Degree Datacheck system to allow third-parties to verify the details of an individuals LSE degree. 

For more information visit Third-party requests for verification of qualifications.

Certificates and letters for PhD students

PhD students should contact the PhD Academy directly to request any documentation relating to their student status. These letters can be used for matters such as opening a student bank account, requesting council tax exemption, etc.

Status Confirmation Letters

If you require a status confirmation letter, please refer to our student letters for status confirmation webpage for further information. Examples of the types of status confirmation letters you may be able to request include:

  • Highly likely to be awarded letter
  • Vacation letter
  • Completion of programme requirements letter

This list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the webpage for a full list.