Council is the Governing Body of LSE. It has ultimate authority and accountability for exercising LSE’s powers in pursuit of advancing education, learning and research for the public benefit.

How Council operates

Council makes decisions in accordance with LSE’s constitutional and legal framework and Articles of Association, available in our Governance Resources. The Articles of Association are underpinned by a supporting governance architecture, key components of which are set out on these pages.

The Articles set out that Council is directly responsible for:

  • approving LSE’s strategy
  • approving annual estimates of income and expenditure
  • approving the annual audited accounts
  • appointing (and removing) the Director
  • appointing (and removing) the School Secretary
  • making, altering, amending, repealing or adding to any byelaws or regulations made under the Articles, unless otherwise specified. 
  • Council may delegate other responsibilities where this is appropriate. See the Council scheme of delegation and the terms of reference of Council committees.

Membership 2021/2022

The articles provide for eighteen Council members, including independent, staff and student members. Each is a trustee, company director, and member of the School as well as a governor of LSE. Together they take collective responsibility for decision making. 

Council members' Declaration of Interest 

Independent Members (Up to 10 may be appointed)

Member Status Appointment End Date
Dr Susan Liautaud Independent (Chair) 31 Jul 2023
Ali Nikpay Independent (Vice Chair & Senior Independent Director) 31 Jul 2023
Alastair Da Costa Independent and Chair of Remuneration Committee and Ethics Committee 31 Jul 2023
Sir David Higgins Independent and Chair of Finance and Estates Committee 31 Jul 2022
Johannes Huth Independent and Chair of Audit Committee 31 Jul 2023
Dr Donald Kaberuka Independent 31 Jul 2022
Dr Musimbi Kanyoro Independent 31 Dec 2023
Gavin Patterson Independent 31 July 2024
Stuart Roden Independent 25 Mar 2024
Elisabeth Stheeman Independent 31 Jul 2022

Internal Members (Up to 8 may be appointed)

Member Status Appointment End Date
Baroness Minouche Shafik Ex-officio   
Professor Martin Anthony Ex-officio (Vice Chair of Academic Board) 31 Aug 2022
Josie Stephens Ex-officio (LSESU General Secretary) 30 Jun 2022
Dr Claudine Provencher Professional Services Staff nominee 31 Jul 2022
Sarah Gerwens Students' Union nominee 30 June 2022
Professor Pauline Barrieu Academic Board Nominee 10 May 2024
Professor Terhi Rantanen Academic Board Nominee 31 Jul 2022
Professor Wim A Van der Stede Academic Board Nominee 31 Jul 2024

Council minutes

We are committed to transparency in our decision-making.


22 February 2022 (PDF)

23 November 2021 (PDF)


6 July 2021 (PDF)

11 May 2021 (PDF)

26 March 2021 (PDF)

23 February 2021 (PDF)

24 November 2020 (PDF)

20 October 2020 (PDF)


23 June 2020 (PDF)

12 May 2020 (PDF)

11 February 2020 (PDF)

12 November 2019 (PDF)

03 October 2019 (PDF)


Hilary Hunter - Head of Governance Services. E:


 Council Committees

Terms of reference, membership, contact details and more

Governance Resources

Information about our legal and constitutional framework, key publications and guidance for committees.

Calendar of meetings

To view meetings of Council, please view our committee calendar page.

Council Standing Orders