Ordering IT equipment

How to order IT equipment

You can order IT equipment such as laptops, desktops, MacBooks, iMacs, monitors etc. directly through the punchout catalogues available in OneFinance. These provide a direct link to our supplier's websites (Dell for Windows devices, and XMA for Apple). See below the available options:

IT Hardware Ordering options

Hardware purchasing options:

Catalogue Order:

This category allows colleagues to choose from our new options, which have been designed to meet 90% of colleague’s computing needs.

  • Dell devices: Expect delivery within 2 weeks from the release of a purchase order. Once added to your basket on the Dell website, you'll see the estimated delivery date and receive automatic tracking information and updates.

  • Apple devices: Apple delivery should occur within 2 weeks, however this may vary as Apple do not pre-agree delivery/configuration times for business customers as they prioritise stock to their retail stores. 

These devices can be ordered direct from OneFinance  using the supplier’s punchout

Custom Built:

This is for devices that are tailored to specific requirements such as high-performance graphics for processor-intensive tasks.  Because they are usually custom built and rely on manufacturer’s availability, the delivery times in some cases can extend to 4 weeks or more. Please contact Tech Support to discuss your specific requirements.

Urgent Laptop:

For immediate needs, we have now also purchased a small number of pre-configured laptops available for next day collection.  Ideally these will be relied on only in emergencies (the catalogue options above are simpler to process and provide more options) but we know that is not always possible.  If you urgently need a device, please contact us by emailing tech.support@lse.ac.uk with the subject header “Urgent Laptop purchase request”. We’ll ask a number of questions,  such as end recipient details, budget code and the reason for the urgency.


Please note all laptops, MacBooks, and iMacs arrive pre-configured setup. DTS can also schedule appointments for those requiring assistance. Desktop PCs, however, currently require configuration by DTS prior to installation thus they need to be delivered to campus first. 

How to order Windows devices and Monitors - DELL (Guide and Video)

You can order windows devices and monitors via the supplier punchout in OneFinance.  The Dell website will show the indicative delivery date.

See below step-by-step guides and videos on how to place orders:

How to order delivery to campus 

How to order home delivery* 

Purchase from a Quote Process:

*Please note: Home delivery is only available for laptops, monitors, and accessories. Desktops must be delivered to campus first for configuration.

How to order Apple devices - XMA (Guide)

You can order an Apple device or accessory via the supplier punchout in OneFinance. This will show indicative stock levels. Delivery times vary as Apple do not pre-agree delivery/configuration times for business customers.

How to order Apple equipment:

Request a quote (non-catalogue items/custom configurations/build to order)

For items that are not available via the supplier punchout in OneFinance, you will need to contact DTS to raise a quote from our supplier on your behalf.  Please contact tech.support@lse.ac.uk outlining the required specification/configuration you require.

Please note that these items are often built to order by the manufacturer and therefore time to delivery will be significantly longer, typically, between 2.5 - 4 weeks.

Require help with your order?

If you have any doubts, need advice, or require further clarification, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at tech.support@lse.ac.uk. If you woud like us to raise a requisition on your behalf, please provide the following information:

  • Name and email of the recipient

  • Room/Building/Location for installation

  • Details of the order (please attach the quotation if you already have it)

  • Quantity required

  • Budget signatory ( name and email address)

  • Department/Centre/Division

  • Budget code that should be charged for the purchase 

Before reaching out, take a moment to ensure you understand your requirements i.e. processing power, ram size. This will enable us to provide you with the most accurate assistance possible.

IMPORTANT:Equipment purchased through OneFinance is intended for School use only and is not to be purchased for personal use.

For more information on funding for IT equipment, please refer to the IT Equipment Funding Guide. Some local areas may have additional guidance and policies in place around IT equipment entitlement.

Large quantity orders

If you require an order of 5 devices or more, please contact tech.support@lse.ac.uk to discuss your order in the first instance.  This will help us schedule the resources needed to ensure your items are delivered and installed within a suitable timeframe.