Cleaning and servicing on campus

Cleaning takes place weekdays between 6am - 8.30am

Cleaning schedules

  • The cleaning takes place weekdays between 6am-8.30 am as detalied in the building schedules.

  • Buildings with teaching facilities have janitorial provision between 9am-10pm, administrative buildings between 9am-5pm. If you see a spillage or any potential slip hazard please report it to Estates Helpdesk .

  • We politely ask you to be considerate to your fellow students and avoid the consumption of food and drink in the lecture theatres.

Weekend cleaning and janitorial servicing

The Library and SAW are cleaned routinely and serviced throughout the day at the weekends.

All other cleaning and janitorial staff provided at the weekend are to service rooms &/or areas pre-booked either via conference & events &/or room booking system. Please contact if the following applies to your event:

  • Over 50 guests are anticipated.

  • Event set up is required before 9am

  • Room booking made after Thursday via the room booking system

This will ensure the correct staffing levels are available on the day.


toilet etiquette
Please follow bathroom etiquette