Water fountains

Seventy water fountains have been provided around the campus. The majority of these are designed to allow you to refill water bottles and rinse LSE Smart Mugs.

For details of where to eat your own food, or the variety of food outlets on campus visit our Food and Drink page

 Building Locations No of outlets Notes
Centre Building Outside the following rooms: B1.15, G.08, 1.17, 2.13 4  
Clement House Outside the following rooms: MB.02,  2.01, 3.01, 4.01, 5.01, 6.01, 7.01,    7  
Columbia House B.01, 1.14, 3.17, 5.05, 7.17 (male toilets)
G.02, 2.18, 4.17, 6.18, 8.14 (female toilets) 
Ground floor - Garrick Restaurant
11 All labelled as drinking water 
Connaught House 1.07, 3.22, 5.23, 7.16, 8.22 (female toilets)
2.19, 4.21, 6.21 (male toilets)
Fawcett/Pankhurst House (formerly Towers) Reception area 1  
Kings Chambers G.02 Student Common Room 1  
Lakatos Building  3.06 Kitchen area, 4.08, 5.05 3 accessible to students 9am - 5pm
32 Lincoln's Inn Fields outside LG.18, B.20 Bean Counter
outside G.23
Lionel Robbins Building R.04, R1.16, R2.10, R3.15, R4.10, R502 6  
New Academic Building Lower Ground floor (2) 
G02, G09, Mezzanine 1, Mezzanine 2
Old Building B.08 Badminton Court
4th Floor Restaurant (2)
4th Floor UG Common Room
Parish Hall LG03, 1.02, 2.03 3  
Saw Swee Hock Student Centre Basement, spiral stair lobby
Basement mezzanine, spiral stair lobby
2nd floor central circulation area
3rd floor central circulation area
4th floor central circulation area
4th floor within gym areas (x 2)
5th floor central circulation area
6th floor, studio
Sheffield Street External bottle fill (opposite SAW entrance)
4.02 kitchen 
St. Clements S415 - Accessible toilet, S507b 2