Intercollegiate Registration

for students from other colleges

Students from other University of London colleges who wish to take a course at LSE as part of their degree can register as intercollegiate students

 intercollegiate students taking courses at LSE

Who can register?

Students from other colleges of the University of London who wish to take a course at LSE as part of their degree can register at LSE as intercollegiate students. In order to do so, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You should be currently registered on a University of London degree programme
  • The course you wish to take at LSE should form part of your degree programme. Visiting students (for example students on their junior year abroad) are not eligible for intercollegiate registration
  • You should be accepted onto your chosen LSE course of study by the academic responsible for it. The academic department responsible for your degree programme at your home institution will also need to approve of you taking the LSE course
  • The appropriate authority at your home college (normally the Registry) must give you permission to attend a course at LSE and agree to pay LSE's fee.

How to register

Students who meet the above conditions should collect the Admission as an Intercollegiate Student form. Please read the notes on the form carefully and complete all the relevant sections. Some sections will need to be completed by your home college and others by the relevant LSE academic.

Once completed, the form should be returned to the SSC counter along with a passport-sized photograph. If you wish to send an electronic photo, please attach the file to this enquiry form, including details of your full name and home institution, and using a subject line of ‘Intercollegiate Registration Photo’. Please do not send this photo until you have received all of the necessary approvals required by the registration form. The electronic photo should be a colour image in the JPEG (.jpg) format, provide a true likeness, include your full face and shoulders, be no larger than 16kb and have approximate dimensions of 300 pixels wide by 400 pixels high.

You will also need to complete a form for your home institution which we are likely to need to sign and stamp.


For courses beginning in Michaelmas, you should aim to have your application with us by 14 September 2020.

There are earlier deadlines for students wishing to take law courses at LSE.


We expect students to join us on campus for the start of term. However, we know that some students may not be able to join us for some or all of Michaelmas Term. 

Small in-person classes, seminars and tutorial groups will run on campus where possible, all in socially distanced environments.

During the registration process you will be asked if you need to study remotely (online only) for a fixed period because of the ongoing impact of COVID-19. You will be given access to online teaching until you are able to travel to campus.

You will be asked to tell us when you are likely to arrive (it is ok to give us an approximate date).This information will then be sent to your academic department who will contact you with the information you need to access the teaching and learning for your programme online.

It is currently not expected that this fixed period of remote study will extend beyond the end of the Michaelmas Term.

When you arrive on campus, you will be able to collect your LSE card from the Student Services Centre at a pre-arranged campus enrolment session. Further information on this will be provided on completion of registration.


What LSE courses are available to Intercollegiate students?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to, the number of students currently enrolled on the course and the previous study that the prospective intercollegiate student has undertaken.

Please see the Academic Departments web page for details on the subject areas taught at LSE. The individual course guides for undergraduate and postgraduate students will provide detailed information on every course offered at the School, including the method(s) by which they are assessed.

Intercollegiate students who wish to take an undergraduate course in the LSE Department of Economics should first consult Undergraduate Programmes.

How can I find out when the courses in which I am interested will be taught?

The timetables website provides the times and locations of every course taught in the current academic year.

How do I obtain the approval of the LSE academic teaching the course I would like to study?

You need to make contact with the academic directly and arrange a time for them to sign the form. 

Many LSE buildings have restricted access, so it is advisable to make your initial enquiries regarding intercollegiate study by email.

The department teaching the course in which you are interested will have contact details on their website to which you can address your initial query.

Will I have to pay a tuition fee to the LSE for taking an intercollegiate course?

No, your home institution will agree to pay LSE's tuition fee on your behalf.

When and where can I collect my LSE card?

You will be able to collect your LSE card from the Student Services Centre once you have completed a campus enrolment session. Further information on this will be provided on completion of registration.

Why do I need an LSE card?

Your LSE card will provide access to School buildings, including the Library, and act as your library card. You will not be able to access LSE buildings until your LSE card has been issued.

Will I get an LSE email account?

All intercollegiate students will have access to an LSE email account and the LSE IT network. Once your application has been processed, you will be able to activate your IT account by following the instructions here. This will also allow you to create a login for the School’s online portal, LSE for You.

How can I access my timetable?

Intercollegiate student timetables will be available via LSE for You

What happens if I fail an assessment?

It might be possible to fail an assessment but still pass the course overall depending on your other marks in those other assessments. Where you fail an overall course your Home Institution will first need to determine if you are eligible for a resit according to their programme rules and regulations. If they determine to allow you a resit your Home Institution will notify the LSE’s Student Services Centre who will re-enter you for that course. You will not resit/resubmit any assessment you have passed but your mark from a pass assessment will be banked and included to calculate your resit mark.

The undergraduate resit/resubmission period will take place in August 2021. Postgraduate students will resit/resubmit during the course of the next academic year.

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