Arriving after Welcome

Find out what you need to do if you plan to arrive on campus during Lent Term


5_Welcome_web_living_in_london_747x420px5LSE's community and central London location are central to our identity. 

Students are expected to arrive in London for the start of their programme. 

The deadline to pre-enrol, campus enrol, and online re-enrol is Friday 21 October 2022. Please note that some departments/programmes may have an earlier latest enrolment date, so please check with your department accordingly.

If you are returning from interruption in Lent Term, please check back in early December for information about latest dates for arrival on Campus. 

Online Pre-enrolment and Online Re-enrolment

If you are a new student, you will receive an email notification when it is time to pre-enrol online for your programme. Please visit the Enrolment webpages for further information about online pre-enrolment. 

If you are a continuing student, you will receive an email notification when it is time to re-enrol online for your programme. Please visit the Re-enrolment webpage for further information about re-enrolling online.

Please pre-enrol online (new students) or re-enrol online (continuing students) as soon as you can, even if you are not due to arrive on campus until after Welcome.  

Campus Enrolment

If you arrive after your programme's campus enrolment slot (see schedule), you should campus enrol as soon as possible after your arrival in London, at a campus enrolment session dedicated to late arrivals.

A campus enrolment session for late arrivals will run on Monday 26 September 10am-1pm in the Marshall Building. Bookings are not required for the session on Monday 26 September.

Campus Enrolment slots are then available in Michaelmas Term Weeks 1 to 4 (Tuesday 27 September to Friday 21 October). If you arrive in this period, you must book an enrolment slot via the Student Hub. Please search for Campus Enrolment 2022-2023 Academic Year, select the date you would like to attend and then you can select a time slot. Campus enrolment slots booked via the Student Hub will take place in the SSC Atrium.  Late enrolment slots will become available to book in Michaelmas Term.

Please note that the slot time selected is the time that you should join the campus enrolment queue. 

Full instructions on how to use the booking facility in Student Hub, is available here.

Please note: the school-wide deadline for campus enrolment is Friday 21st October 2022. However, some departments / programmes have earlier deadlines so please ensure that you contact your department to check if you are going to arrive late.

If you are a PhD student, please contact the PhD Academy directly rather than booking a slot via the Student Hub. 

LSE ID Cards

New students

Once you have completed campus enrolment, you will be issued your LSE Card, giving you access to on-campus teaching and services.

Returning students

If your LSE Card is due to expire this year: you can request a new card online at LSE Cards.

If your LSE Card is not due to expire this year: it will be automatically updated for the new academic year. Keep using it as normal until the expiry date approaches. At that point, you can request a new card online at LSE Cards.

If your LSE Card is not due to expire, but it was lost, stolen or damaged during your interruption: visit LSE Cards and follow the directions to order a new card. A charge for a replacement may apply.