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Around 70% of LSE's students are from outside the UK.


Around 70% of LSE's students are from outside the UK. As a result Welcome and other orientation activities aim to cater for students from the UK, EU and the rest of the world.

However, we recognise that students from outside the UK may have some specific questions and this page aims to answer some of those.

Entering the UK

The UK Border Force publish some top tips for students arriving in the UK for the first time. It provides details on the documents that you will need and what to expect at the border.

Entering the UK - UK Border Force

New to the UK

There are many different things to consider when planning a move to the UK, here are a few important things to consider: clothing and weather, electricity supply, English law,  driving in the UK and mobile phones.

These are all covered in our New to the UK page

Culture Shock

Arriving in a different country with a new culture can at times be overwhelming. This page seeks to give you some advice on how to deal with culture shock and where to receive support. 

We have some top tips for dealing with Culture Shock

Talks for International Students

Before and during Welcome the International Student Visa Advice Team will host talks for International Students. The first part of the talk will look at adjusting to life in the UK. The second part will cover your visa. 

Find out more at

Pre-sessional teaching and early arrivals

Some MSc students are expected to arrive before Welcome to undertake pre-sessional teaching or develop their language skills. Others choose to come to London to give themselves extra time to settle in, or to find accommodation.

Find out what to do if you arrive early.

Arriving Late

Students travelling from overseas can sometimes arrive late which can make settling in more difficult. Whilst we expect you to do all you can to register on time LSE has got support in place for students that arrive late.

Find out about what to do if you need to arrive late.

Registering with the Police

Some nationalities must register with the police when they arrive in the UK. You only have to register if your  Biometric Residence Permit or decision letter says you must.

Find out more about Police Registration on our when you have your visa page

Welcome for International Students

There are lots of events and support during available to students from outside the UK during Welcome Week. All of our events are designed with both international and UK students in mind.

Find out more about what to expect during Your First Weeks at LSE