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Register as a student

Find out when you'll need to register and what you'll need to bring at

Prove you are a student

Before you register

You cannot prove that you are a student before you register but you can show that you are due to register with LSE. There are a number of ways to do this

  • Use your LSE or UCAS offer letter. This will have been sent to you by the relevant admissions team.
  • A short-while before you register you will be sent a pre-registration pass by email. This shows when you are due to register with LSE.
  • If you are in London and your admission documents are all completed we can produce a Certificate of Registration (showing that you are "expected to register") at the Student Services Centre.

After you register

  • You will be given an LSE Card at Registration which is a quick way to show that you are a student.
  • We can produce Certificates of Registration on demand at the Student Services Centre. These are ideal for things like Bank Accounts, Council Tax and Visa Applications.
  • You can buy an NUS Extra card through the Student Union. This is ideal for requesting discounts in shops, gyms etc.

Get Visa Advice

The International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT) are the only team at LSE that can provide Visa Advice

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) offer lots of general advice. 

Move into your Hall of Residence

LSE Residential Life have produced a series of videos to help you prepare for moving into Halls.

You can view the videos on their You Tube Channel.

You can find further support and resources for making the most of your stay in halls at information for students in halls.

Open a bank account

Read page 37 of the Welcome Guide for information on how to open a UK bank account. 

Or visit the 'Setting up a bank account' webpage for further information. 

Get advice about scholarships and financial support

Visit the Financial Support Office Webpages for more information about the options available to you. 

Apply for discounted travel

Students can get discounted travel if they have a Student Oyster photocard and buy season tickets. There is no discount available on pay as you go travel.

For more information and advice on how to work out the best deal for your travel visit What if... I'd like to order a Student Oyster photocard.

Deal with council tax

Council tax is a system of local taxation collected on domestic properties in the UK. Full time students are typically entitled to some form of exemption, but this depends on your individual circumstances and the circumstances of those that you are living with. 

For more information visit our Council Tax and Students page. If you need further advice contact the LSE Students Union.

Set up your IT account

LSE's Information Management and Technology Division have produced a comprehensive set of pages for new students.

Visit Key IMT Information for New Students.

Stay safe at LSE

Generally speaking London is a very safe city and LSE is one of the few institutions to maintain a largely open campus. 

However, it is always sensible to take precautions. LSE Security have produced a great guide to staying safe on campus and in London more generally.

The British Council's Education UK website offers international students useful safety information and tips on how to make sure that your time in the UK is safe and enjoyable.

In an emergency you can contact LSE Security on 020 7955 6555 or on 666 using an internal phone.

Find out about Departmental Orientation Events

Visit the Departmental Welcome Events for links to your department's Welcome events programme.

Any questions? Contact your Programme Administrator or Manager directly. You can find their contact details on your academic department's Who's Who page.

Get admissions information for Offer Holders

You can find details about your offer, including any outstanding conditions or official documents that are required, in your offer letter.

There's also information online at: