for continuing students

Most continuing taught students will be able to re-enrol online for their second or third years. Some students will also need to campus enrol

Re-enrolment is the process where you confirm that you wish to continue with your studies, that you will continue to abide by LSE's regulations and that you will pay your fees. You'll also be asked to make sure that the addresses we hold on the system are correct.

In addition to re-enrolment, some students will also be required to attend campus enrolment, so that we can check and verify their documents (passport and visa).

Who needs to re-enrol online?

The majority of students will need to re-enrol online including all continuing students and students returning from a break in their studies (interruption). You must complete this process before accessing on campus resources and teaching.

You will receive an email notification when it is time to re-enrol online for your programme.  

Please remember that you must have cleared any debts before you can re-enrol. You should contact the Fees, Income and Credit Control Office to make arrangements to clear the debt before attempting to re-enrol.

The online re-enrolment process will help to ensure that we have all the necessary and up to date information about you, including your current plans for arrival on campus.  As part of the online re-enrolment process you will need to:

  • Check and update, if necessary, your addresses, emergency contact details and the monitoring information that the School holds on record for you.
  • Provide some additional information for the Careers Team – this is to help us better understand what support we can provide for you.
  • Reigster to vote if you wish.
  • Confirm your acceptance of the Conditions of Registration and Enrolment. These have been updated since the last academic year.

Please also see our online pre-enrolment/re-enrolment FAQs should you encounter difficulties re-enrolling online

Who is required to campus enrol in addition to online re-enrolment?

Who needs to campus enrol?

The UK Home Office insist we recheck the eligibility to study in person for the following groups of students, who will also be required to campus enrol:

  • Double Degree Students coming to LSE for the second year of their degree
  • Students who were on interruption for any part of the previous academic year and returning this year
  • Students who were un-registered and taking re-sits in the previous academic year (because you failed to progress for example)
  • Students with visas which are shorter than the entire length of their programme (we will make sure that you are aware of the steps you need to take to get a correct visa in place before we campus enrol you).

If you have questions about your re-enrolment, please contact the Enrolment team via the SSC enquiry form

What do I bring to campus enrolment?

For details of what you need to bring with you, please visit what to bring to campus enrolment

As a continuing student you must also bring your LSE Card to campus enrolment.

When and Where can I campus enrol?

Please visit the Campus Enrolment Schedule webpage for full information on when and where to attend campus enrolment as a continuing student, including students returning in Winter Term.

Students returning from interruption in Autumn term should campus enrol according to your programmes campus enrolment date (the same date as new students). 

LSE Cards

You do not need a new LSE Card after you re-enrol and campus enrol (if applicable). If your current LSE card remains valid it will be automatically updated when you re-enrol.

If your card is due to expire, or has expired, you should request one online. Visit the LSE Card webpage for further information.

How and when should I select my courses?

Please see the course selection webpages for information.

PhD Students

Please contact the PhD Academy directly for further information.