Repeat Teaching

for students who do not progress

Repeat teaching may be granted if you fail to progress or complete your degree but have assessment attempts remaining.


What is repeat teaching?

If you fail to progress or complete your degree, but have assessment attempts remaining, you may wish to take the teaching for a second time. The School acknowledges that in some exceptional circumstances there may be a case to be made for having teaching a second time. This is what is known as Repeat Teaching. 

Am I eligible for Repeat Teaching?

Applications for Repeat Teaching will only be considered if you can provide evidence of extenuating circumstances having impacted you during the academic year and thus preventing you from benefitting or engaging with the teaching the first time around. If you experienced circumstances which affected your studies only on a short-term basis (for example illness during the assessment period) your application will not be considered. Repeat teaching is not granted simply because you fail or defer assessment.

You may apply if you have had exceptional circumstances and:

  • You have failed to progress into the next year of study (first and second year undergraduate students).
  • You have failed to be awarded your degree (third year undergraduate and 9 month MSc students).
  • You have interrupted your studies in the Lent term and need to repeat Michaelmas term.

You must apply if:

  • You have had examination bars put in place.

Note you can only apply for Repeat Teaching for courses you have not yet passed.

How can I apply for Repeat Teaching?

  • Read the email correspondence from the SSC that outlines your options following results release.
  • Read all of the information available on these webpages.
  • Carefully consider if you have a case for repeat teaching.
  • Determine that you are fit to engage with an additional year of teaching – be this consideration of your finances (as well as spending another year in education, Repeat Teaching comes with a fee), wellbeing or other.
  • Complete the Repeat Teaching form. Ensure all fields are filled correctly. It is particularly important that section 5 is answered in full.
  • Attach corroborating evidence. Evidence must be in English. A reference for good supporting documents can be found below.
  • Submit all documents to your Departmental Tutor. Departmental Tutors will pass on applications to the Repeat Teaching Panel.

When should I submit my Repeat Teaching application?

You are advised to submit your application for Repeat Teaching as early as possible, although the Repeat Teaching Panel does not convene until the Summer Vacation so no decisions will be made during term time.

The deadline to apply for Repeat Teaching for 2019/20 is:

  • 12 noon, Tuesday 21 July 2020 – Deadline for Repeat Teaching applications for all students. Late applications will not be considered.

Important information for Undergraduates

All undergraduate students are eligible to sit any deferred or failed assessments during the In-Year Resit and Deferred Assessment Period (IRDAP). Repeat Teaching applications must be submitted by the above deadline, before the start of the IRDAP.

You must indicate on your Repeat Teaching application whether you intend to sit your assessments in IRDAP (see section 7):

If you feel you need to receive Repeat Teaching before you are able to (re)attempt your assessments, you can opt out of your IRDAP assessment by ticking the relevant box. This means you will not need to defer the assessment(s) separately, this will be done for you automatically if the application is approved.   

If you want to attempt your assessment in IRDAP, the panel will inform you of the provisional outcome of your Repeat Teaching application only before you sit your IRDAP assessment(s). Your application will be reassessed once IRDAP results are released, if you have passed the course(s), the Repeat Teaching Application will then be cancelled. If you fail your IRDAP assessment and have attempts remaining, your Repeat Teaching will then be confirmed. Note that first year undergraduates have a total of three attempts to pass any courses; second and third year undergraduates have a total of two attempts to pass any courses.   

Repeat Teaching does not remove any capping for failed courses. If you receive Repeat Teaching for a course you have previously failed, the numerical mark you obtain will show on your transcript, however the course will be capped at pass for classification purposes.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to submit their Repeat Teaching applications as soon as possible, to allow the Panel sufficient time to consider their application carefully. If you have deferred your assessments, you can submit your Repeat Teaching application at the end of the Summer Term assessment period. If you have failed an assessment, you can apply following the release of provisional results on 9 July. For early applications, we will endeavour to confirm panel decisions as soon as possible once final results are released on 16 July 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the online enquiries form.

Important information for Postgraduates

Postgraduate students on 9 and 10 month programmes can apply for Repeat Teaching following the release of their final results in July. If you have deferred any assessments you can submit your Repeat Teaching application following the Summer Term assessment period. Please note that Repeat Teaching applications will be considered over the summer and outcomes will be communicated to students in due course, please see below for further details.

Postgraduate students on 12 month programmes cannot usually apply for Repeat Teaching as their final results are released in November, after the start of teaching for the academic year.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the online enquiries form

Who considers my Repeat Teaching application?

Repeat Teaching applications are first considered by your Departmental Tutor and then submitted to the Repeat Teaching Panel for a final decision. The Panel usually consists of two academic members of staff and is administered by Student Services. The Panel ensures equity across the School for all applications. 


Approved Applications

You and your Departmental Tutor will be notified by email when your Repeat Teaching application is approved.

Please be aware that when your application is approved it does not definitively mean you will be able to take repeat teaching. You will need to meet all applicable fee and visa requirements.

If you have been approved for Repeat Teaching and are an international student you must contact the International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT) in the Student Services Centre to access detailed advice on visa applications, caps and extensions. An approval of Repeat Teaching is not an absolute guarantee that you can take the teaching; you must satisfy visa compliance. 

If you do meet all relevant requirements you will then need to register for the new academic year.

If you are returning from interruption, have been unregistered during the previous year or hold a visa that does not cover you for the entirety of the new academic year, you must register in person. You should register at the time confirmed for new students on your programme. This information can be found here

Continuing students who do not fall into any of the above categories can register via LSE for You from the beginning of September. More information can be found here

Denied Applications

If your application is rejected and you wish to appeal, you can submit an enquiry  to ask why your application has been rejected. Further to this you may submit a statement to the Repeat Teaching Panel explaining the reasons for appeal, and including more or new evidence as appropriate. You may also be required to obtain an updated recommendation from your Departmental Tutor.

You must submit this recommendation along with a letter of appeal via this enquiry form. The deadline for submitting your appeal will be included in your initial outcome email.

You may be asked to appear at a Panel meeting in person to discuss your appeal. 

If you do not make a successful Repeat Teaching application or subsequent appeal, you will automatically be re-entered to take your outstanding papers as an unregistered student during the applicable assessment period the following academic year. Further information about re-entry can be found here


All students will be expected to pay fees for the repeat year. These are confirmed to you in your outcome email and will appear on your account in due course.

Undergraduate Fees:

Repeat Teaching fees are currently £562.50 per half unit equivalent for a full year of teaching. A full year of Repeat Teaching in all units currently costs £4500. Full details can be found in the Table of Fees. Please refer to the table for the academic year in which you would take Repeat Teaching. Repeat Teaching fees are paid in the same way as normal programme fees and any questions about how to pay should be directed to the Fees Office.

Postgraduate Fees:

Repeat Teaching fees are currently the usual yearly fee for the programme which you are studying, pro-rated based on the number of units you are taking. Full details can be found in the Table of Fees. Repeat Teaching fees are paid in the same way as normal programme fees and any questions about how to pay should be directed to the Fees Office.

Financial Support

Can I still access Student Finance? (UK and EU)

If you are paying Home fees and have previously received funding from Student Finance or want to apply for funding for your repeat year, you should contact Student Finance directly. 

In order to be eligible for continued funding from Student Finance you will need to be registered for teaching. If you are going to be registered for fewer than four units, Student Finance still considers you to be engaged on a full time programme; so do not complete a part-time Student Finance application.

If you have already applied for funding through Student Finance before you realised that you had not progressed into your next year of study, they will need to be notified of the change. Student Services will notify Student Finance of your circumstances and confirm that you need access to funding as a student registered for repeat teaching. They will also confirm the change of fee, as applicable.

If you have any questions you should speak to Student Finance directly.

An approval of Repeat Teaching is not a guarantee of funding. You must satisfy the usual criteria. 

What happens to my LSE scholarship?

If you have an LSE scholarship and are not progressing to the next year of your programme please contact the Financial Support Office as soon as possible.

Is there any other funding available for Repeat Teaching?

The Students' Union considers requests for financial assistance. They can potentially provide funding for students experiencing financial difficulties for a range of different reasons. One fund is specifically for students undertaking Repeat Teaching. Contact for details.

Standards of evidence

You must attach an original version of official, corroborating evidence of your circumstances. Any evidence that you present should, where possible, meet the following standards: 

  • Written by appropriately qualified professionals (e.g. health professionals, police authority) who are independent from you. 

  • On headed paper and signed and dated by the author. Evidence presented by email may be acceptable in some circumstances and only if the email has been sent by the author from the official domain name of the author's organisation. Where evidence is submitted in email form, the School reserves the right to request further information from you.

  • Confirming specifically that the circumstances were witnessed on the relevant date as opposed to being reported retrospectively.

  • Original. Copies will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

  • Unaltered. Documentation that has been amended for any reason will be deemed inadmissible by the School. 

  • In English. If your evidence is not in English then you must submit an original source-language copy of the evidence together with an officially translated copy. The translation must include a statement signed by a Notary Public, attesting that the translated text is an accurate and complete translation of the source-language text. 

    The LSE Language Centre may be able to help with official translations of some languages. It is your responsibility to attach all relevant documentation and to obtain an official translation at the time of submission.

It is your responsibility to attach all relevant documentation and to obtain an official translation at the time of submission. The School will not obtain any documentation on your behalf. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes if you have submitted evidence to the School through another procedure. 

Please refer to the Standards of Evidence for further details and a list of the types of evidence the School would expect for various types of exceptional circumstances. Please note this list is not exhaustive.

If there is evidence that you have fraudulently presented documentation to the School, the matter will be referred to the Disciplinary Procedure for Students.


Can I apply for a Repeat Teaching course change?

You may be eligible to request a course change when you apply for Repeat Teaching. This will be subject to your programme regulations and you should discuss this with your Department Tutor in the first instance.

You cannot ask to change a course via Repeat Teaching if you have already passed any of the assessment components of the course (such as a Lent Term exam or a summative essay).

The Repeat Teaching Panel will make the final decision whether the Repeat Teaching course change can be approved.

How do I choose my courses?

You do not choose your courses. They are input for you in reference to those listed and approved on your Repeat Teaching application. Course selections will begin to be entered on your student record at the end of August, and only after your Repeat Teaching has been officially approved.

If you wish to make any changes to the courses you have had approved you must email your departmental tutor to gain permission for the change. The Repeat Teaching Panel will need to approve any course change requests. Course changes will only be made in exceptional cases and only whilst the course selection window is open. Once course selection closes, no changes will be made. It is not possible to change courses in which you have previously passed any assessment components.

If you have any other courses with outstanding assessments that you will not receive Repeat Teaching, you will be automatically re-entered for these. Full details regarding this process are available on the re-entry webpage. Note that you are only eligible to receive teaching for Repeat Teaching courses. 

Can I receive Repeat Teaching if I deferred my assessment(s)?

Repeat teaching is only granted if you can demonstrate that you were affected by circumstances throughout the academic year that prevented you from fully engaging with or benefiting from teaching. If you defer  your assessment(s) because of circumstances that are "sudden, unforeseen, outside of your control and proximate to an assessment" then you would not usually be eligible for Repeat Teaching. However, deferral does not preclude you from applying if you feel you have a particularly strong case. 

Can I receive Repeat Teaching for a passed course?

No, if you have passed a course, you cannot attempt this assessment again and you are not eligible to receive Repeat Teaching for this unit.

If I am granted Repeat Teaching can I resit a component of assessment I've already passed?

No, if you have previously passed any assessment component(s) for a course you are granted Repeat Teaching in, these marks will be banked and you cannot reattempt them. You can only attempt any assessments you have previously deferred or failed, provided you have attempts remaining.


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