I don't progress

what can I do

If you are not able to progress to the next academic year the SSC Advice Team will get in touch with you, via your LSE email address.

There are progression hurdles associated with most programmes. This means that you normally need to pass a certain number of assessments by the end of the academic year in order to be able to progress into the next academic year. 

If you do not meet these there may be other options available. Expand the sections below to find out more. 


Undergraduate students

BA / BSc Students

First year undergraduate students (excluding the LLB) need to pass three out of four units to progress to their second year. Second year undergraduate students need to have passed seven out of eight units from their first two years of study to progress into their third year. You can find out more at understanding your results and in the Regulations for First Degrees.

Undergraduate students are eligible to sit failed or deferred assessments during the In-Year Resit and Deferred Assessment Period (IRDAP). Your progression will be determined following IRDAP assessments. If you meet the above progression requirements following the IRDAP, you will be able to progress as usual.

Even if you do not progress, there are usually options available to you, providing you have attempts remaining, so the key message is not to worry and wait for the advice email. First year students have three attempts to pass their courses, second and third year students have two attempts to pass their courses.

Following the release of results if you have not progressed to the next academic year the Advice Team will contact you at your LSE email address. The email will explain what you can do next. The message will outline options such as sitting your exams whilst un-registered and applying for repeat teaching.

LLB Students

LLB students have separate progression criteria. Any students who have not met the criteria to progress after re-sitting in the IRDAP should contact their department or the Advice Team if they have any questions.

Taught postgraduate students

Two year full-time programmes

The progression rules for two year MSc programmes vary. You should consult the Calendar for more information and contact the Advice Team if you have any questions. 

Part-time study

If you are following a normally full-time programme on a part-time basis there will be no progression hurdles.

Students following the Part Time Masters in Finance should read the programme regulations for information about the progression rules.

Exeutive Masters

There are complicated and differing progression rules for Executive Masters. You should contact the department responsible for your programme for more information. 

PhD students

PhD students should contact the PhD Academy for further advice.

LSE Careers Service: results and options

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