New programme proposals


New programmes: proposal procedure and form

To introduce a new programme, you must submit a new programme proposal form (Word).

Once completed it must be submitted to the relevant Sub-Committee Secretary at least three weeks before the meeting at which it will be considered. See Sub-Committee deadlines.

Deadlines for new programme proposals

For programmes introduced in 2019/20:


1 November 2017

(for 22 November 2017 USSC)

Postgraduate (taught):

25 April 2018

(for 16 May 2018 GSSC)

Postgraduate (research):   

25 April 2017

(for 16 May 2018 RDSC)

Before completing the form

Programme proposers should read the School policy on programmes and courses and note the following:

  • Sub-Committees can only consider programme proposals if 'approval' has already been granted by the APRC/Deputy Director (Resources) through the Annual Monitoring meetings. For further information see the Planning Unit website.
  • If the programme involves partnership with another institution (e.g. a double or joint degree), you should consult the Head of Academic Partnerships (Mark Maloney: at a very early stage for advice on resource implications and additional approval processes.
  • It is strongly recommended that the Teaching and Learning Centre is consulted at an early stage about new programme proposals. TLC can advise on: (a) programme design and (b) teaching and assessment methods. Please contact the departmental adviser assigned to your department.
  • Please also consult with Deputy Academic Registrar (Recruitment and Admissions) (Catherine Baldwin: about the market for the programme and promotion for the proposed programme.
  • New programme proposals must be submitted by the dates below to appear in the prospectus for 2019/20 entry.  The introduction of a new programme requires an 18-month lead-in period for logistical reasons, which include adequate marketing and recruitment time.  Proposals received in 2017/18 will only be run in 2019/20 if they meet the submission deadlines below.  Programme proposals submitted after these dates will be introduced in 2020/21. 

Undergraduate - 2nd Michaelmas Term USSC meeting 
Postgraduate - Summer Term GSSC or RDSC meeting

Please bear in mind external reference points when developing your proposal:

Programme proposers should then complete a new programme proposal form. If the proposed programme contains new courses, you will need to complete a new course proposal for each via the Course And Programme Information System (CAPIS) . Further information about new courses can be found on the new course proposals page.

Completing the proposal

  • It is essential to ensure that the proposal is sent to the relevant departmental/institute and SSLC meetings in plenty of time before it is submitted. Your departmental administrators should be able to help.
  • Reading lists and any electronic resources the programme requires will need to be discussed with your Liaison Librarian at an early planning stage. Library staff can attend Departmental or other planning meetings.
  • If you are proposing a modular MSc programme, please read the information on modular master's programmes in our Guidance and School Principles.
  • If you are proposing an Executive MSc programme (E-MSc), please complete a separate E-MSc programme timetabling form. Please submit the completed form with your programme proposal.
  • Proposal forms need to be submitted to the relevant Secretary three weeks before the meeting at which it will be considered. Please see the information on Sub-Committees and deadlines.
  • All new programmes are referred to an external assessor. Please provide the names of two suitable external candidates when submitting your proposal. Please refer to the external assessor form for details of what aspects of your proposal will be assessed. 
  • The Secretary will approach one of the externals, asking them to write a report on the new programme proposal.
  • If you are proposing a part-time or non-standard programme and you plan to recruit international students, please contact the Manager of the International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT). 
  • Programme Aims: Please refer to the guidance for writing programme aims to ensure that programme team's intentions are clearly outlined in the programme proposal. 
  • Programme Learning Outcomes: Please refer to the guidance for writing programme learning outcomes

After completing the proposal form

The Secretary will check the form and email the proposal to Sub-Committee members for their consideration and to the relevant authorising bodies: Timetables, Library, Student Services and the Academic Planning and Resources Committee. The secretary will contact proposers if the proposal needs further work.

The programme proposer is required to attend the Sub-Committee meeting at which his/her proposal is discussed in order to answer any questions. The Secretary will invite you to attend.

After the meeting, the Secretary will send you the minutes which explain the decision. The Secretary will add the new programme regulations to the Calendar and inform the relevant officers in the School that the new programme has been approved; this will include notifying prospectuses.

Programme proposers must ensure that information on their departmental website is updated to reflect the new programme.

  Last reviewed: August 2017