Support at LSE


As a global community, LSE recognises that ongoing events across the world can have a distressing and profound impact for our students and staff and that their effects can be far reaching, no matter where or when they take place. Whether related to concern for peers or personal connections, or research and work in the area, we encourage anyone feeling worried or affected to reach out for support and explore the resources below that are here to help you, and all at LSE.  

Overview of support at LSE  

Whatever your situation, and whatever connections you have across the world, there is always guidance and assistance available to you and all at LSE facing difficulties or distress. 

Our commitment to our community is to support all affected by global issues or injustices, no matter where and when they take place. Below, you’ll find a list of the  sources of support for students and staff – please do reach out if you need to talk to someone about your personal situation or if you’re worried about others.   

LSE will continue to offer direct support to those in our community, and explore additional ways to assist. Follow our LSE Volunteer Centre and the LSE Students’ Union for ideas on what you can do or how you can donate to people in need. DEC is also an umbrella group of charities who are experts in humanitarian aid and specialise in different areas of disaster response.  

In addition, we have our Urgency Grant Scheme, which aims to fund world-class research activities by LSE academic, research and policy staff for unexpected and transient opportunities brought about by unpredictable, discrete and abrupt events such as pandemics, conflicts, environmental impacts and abrupt policy change.

As well as School activity, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is an umbrella group of charities who are experts in humanitarian aid and specialise in different areas of disaster response.  

Supporting scholars and students at risk

LSE Scholars at Risk (LSE SAR) is a School-wide, centrally funded initiative to support scholars at risk by enabling them to be hosted at LSE in a visiting fellow or senior visiting fellow status for a maximum period of two years. The visitor status comes without an employment contract, but the School is open to financially assisting hosted fellows through arrangements with external partners.

In addition to scholars, LSE provides support and guidance for refugees, forced migrants and displaced students who are looking to study at the School and throughout their time with us. Find out more online

Support for students

Support for staff

Support for all

  • Safe Contacts
    Safe Contacts are here to help you find the right support and next steps, in a confidential space
  • Report it. Stop it.
    You can also use our Report it. Stop it. tool to anonymously report sexual violence, bullying or harassment
  • Faith Centre
    The Faith Centre offers a space for prayer, worship and reflection for all.