My support

Take the time to check in with your friends, chat to LSE LIFE, a peer supporter or mental health adviser if you need to talk.

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is so important. There's always help if you need it.

Find further sources of support - from finances to housing and more 


Make sure to check in with your friends regularly and support them if needed, too.

There are resources available that can help guide you on how to reach out and any signs you should look out for. These include: 

Be mindful of those around you and check in on them whilst regularly checking in on yourself, too. It's important that you safeguard your own mental health and wellbeing when supporting others.

Small things you can do every day to look after your wellbeing

There's still time to do the little things that you enjoy whilst at university. Make sure you take time throughout your day to stop and enjoy these things for your overall physical and mental health. 

In 5 minutes you can speak to a family member or friend, make yourself a drink and put on some good music.

In 10 minutes you can stretch it out and relax your body, clean your workspace and get outside to an open space.

In 30 minutes you can go for a walk, meet up with friends for a coffee or make a healthy recipe.

Other little things you can do to prioritise your wellbeing and show up for yourself are: 

  • Take regular screen breaks
  • Listen to a feel-good playlist or a podcast you enjoy
  • Enjoy a yoga or mindfulness session
  • Enjoy the roofs and social spaces on campus 
  • Get out in a green space everyday.