Publication of Results

Results will be published on LSE for You once they have been ratified by the relevant School Board of Examiners.

Students reviewing results

Publication Dates

Results will be available on LSE for You from the following days:

Results schedule
LLB first year students* 15 July 2021
LLB second and third year students* 15 July 2021
All BA and BSc students 15 July 2021
General Course students 15 July 2021
9 and 10 month diploma and Masters students 15 July 2021
All deferred and resit assessments taken in August 20 September 2021
12 month Masters students 15 November 2021

We will email you when your results are available to view in LSE for You.

Please be aware that these are the earliest date at which the School is able to confirm results. There are a number of stages that results have to go through before we're able to release them. For more information please see 'Results Processing Stages' below.

In line with School policy, your results will be blocked if you have an outstanding debt to the School. 

Provisional Results

Please note that provisional results are only available for a limited period of approximately three weeks. 

January Exams

Provisional results for exams taken in January will be released on 3 March 2021. We will email you as soon as your results are available to view. 

Undergraduate summer results

Undergraduate students will receive provisional results on 8 July 2021.  We will email you when your provisional results are available.

12 month taught Masters programmes

Students on 12-month taught Master's programmes will  have the opportunity to view provisional marks in LSE for You between 2 August and 10 September 2021. Provisional marks will be released during this period as soon as they become available, which could be at any point in the results release window. It is likely that provisional marks for courses taken in different academic departments will be released on different dates.

The School does not allow dissertation marks to be released within the provisional results window.

Stages in the results process

The table below outlines the stages in the results process.

Results Processing Stages
StageWhat Happens Time frame
(Summer 2021) 
Exam Script Processing Exam scripts are checked against attendance registers from exams and distributed to markers. Throughout exams, and until 22 June
Marking Academic staff mark exam scripts following one of the LSE approved marking processes e.g. sighted marking, double blind marking, moderated marking. As exam scripts become available
External Review Academic staff from other universities review marking across each course. After scripts have been marked by LSE academic staff
Collation and input of marks Marks are inputted into the student records system. Once marks have been externally reviewed have been received
Calculation of classifications and progression Individual marks are turned into either provisional progression decisions or provisional degree classifications. Where appropiate first year averages and aggregates are also calculated. When externally reviewed marks have been received and inputted
Checks and production of paperwork for Departmental Sub-Boards  All student marks, averages, aggregates, progression descisions, classifications and aggregates are manually checked. Paperwork including exceptional circumstances are passed to Departments. Once all marks have been inputted and calculations have been run
Ratification by Departmental sub-boards All marks, classifications and progression decisions are reviewed and exceptional circumstances are considered. Departments make cases based upon exceptional circumstances submissions which are reviewed by School level boards. From 29 June to 1 July inclusive
Production of paperwork for School level boards All sub-board recommendations, minutes and exceptional circumstances recomendations are compiled and prepared for consideration by School level boards. Week commencing 5 July
Ratification by School level boards All Departmental sub-board decisions are reviewed to ensure equity and consistency across the School and all student cases are considered and decisions taken. There are separate meetings of the Graduate School Board of Examiners, School Board of Examiners and General Course Board of Examiners. School level board meetings take place at the end of week commencing 5 July
Updates following School Boards Any system updates that are required following decisons by School level boards are made.  Week commencing 12 July 
Final Checks All marks, classifications and progressions decisions are quality checked. Prizes are inputted into the student records system. Final award lists are produced and manually checked. Week commencing 12 July
Publication of results and final classifications on LSE for You Results blocks are removed, releasing results onto LSE for You. All students are sent an email when their results are available to view.  Results will be released by on 15 July

Different timings may operate for the LLB. Details of the stages and time frames for November results will be published closer to the time. 

Unable to view results

You will not be able to access your results if you owe any fees to the School. If you have a debt please contact the Fees Office for clarification.

General Course students

If you are a General Course student no marks will published online, only exam and class grades.

Your home university will determine the subsequent accreditation of the academic work completed at LSE. 

You will receive an email about one week after results have been published showing your numerical marks. This is for your information only and does not constitute a transcript. 

Students with queries should contact the study abroad advisor at their home university.

PhD / MPhil students

The Results and Awards Team do not send MPhil/PhD students confirmation of their grades for qualifying examinations. MPhil/PhD students who require confirmation of their grades should contact the PhD Academy.


Intercollegiate students

Results are not published on LSE for You for intercollegiate students who have taken a course at LSE.  Please contact your home university for your LSE course result.


For continuing students

Intermediate transcripts are available from the Student Services Centre immediately after the release of results. For more information visit Intermediate Transcripts.

For finalists

Final transcripts are issued using the Digitary system. This allows you to share your transcript electronically and also order hard copies if required. Your final transcript also contains comparative data which needs to be calculated after results are published. Final transcripts are usually uploaded to Digitary about three weeks after the publication of results. For more information visit Transcripts.

Degree Certificates

**Due to the on-going COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, the Student Services Centre staff are working remotely.

Unfortunately this means that we are unable to print or send any degree certificates at this time. 

You can still contact us about any enquiries you have regarding your degree certificate, and any tasks we are currently unable to do will be recorded, and looked at once we are able to work from the Student Services Centre**

 For more information visit Degree Certificates.


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