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Summer Term 2023

LSE100 Fellow Dr Lukas Slothuus will be chairing an upcoming author-meets-critic event with Søren Mau on 23 May 2023.

Dr Slothuus and Søren Mau will be joined in conversation by LSE's Professor Sara Salem, Professor Paul Apostolidis, Professor Sumi Madhok to discuss Mau's recent book Mute Compulsion: A Marxist Theory of the Economic Power of Capital (2023).

Hosted by LSE100, the event is free to join and pre-registration is required. You can find more information and book your place here.

Lent Term 2023

On 25 April, LSE100 Fellow Dr Lukas Slothuus appeared on live national Danish news to share his insights about the relationship between climate activism and popular opinion.

He discussed recent protests organised by Extinction Rebellion in London and Letzte Generation in Berlin, in particular, and the effects that such protests have on media coverage and broader popular opinion.


Following on from their successful “Spotify Unwrapped” creative workshop in February, LSE100 Fellow Dr Nina Vindum Rasmussen and King’s College London’s Dr Taylor Annabell presented at this year’s Algorithms for Her 2 conference (23-24 March).

Dr Vindum Rasmussen and Dr Annabell shared their initial findings from the workshop as part of a presentation entitled “Spotify Unwrapped: How to Critically Examine Your Repackaged Data Stories”.

By analysing these initial findings, they explored questions relating to algorithms and the ways in which the Spotify algorithm determines users’ personality types and prompts certain genres to users.


LSE100 Co-Director Dr Jillian Terry presented two papers at the 2023 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, which took place between 15-18 March in Montréal, Canada.

Dr Terry’s papers were featured in the Active Learning in International Affairs section of the conference and focused on her pedagogical research related to LSE100.

The papers were entitled “Creating pathways for interdisciplinary learning: students’ experiences of course choice” and “Students as change makers: complex global challenges and interdisciplinarity”.

LSE100 Fellow Dr Lukas Slothuus and LSE Department of Methodology’s Dr Marion Lieutaud have received an LSE Change Makers award for the academic year 2023/2024.

They will be completing research designed to improve understanding of what life is like for early-career researchers here at LSE within the wider landscape of academic precarity in Higher Education.

ECRs are vital members of any academic institution and Dr Slothuus and Dr Lieutaud’s work will provide insight into the challenges this particular community faces.

Change Makers is a collaborative programme between LSE and LSE Students Union which gives recipients the chance to make meaningful change at LSE through independent research. You can read more about the programme here.


LSE100 Co-Director Dr Jillian Terry and LSE100 Fellows Dr Shereen Fernandez and Dr Emma Taylor participated in a panel discussion as part of the Lent Term 2023 LSE Education Forum.

Chaired by Dr Akile Ahmet (Head of Inclusive Education), the discussion focused on inclusive group work in the classroom. Dr Terry, Dr Fernandez and Dr Taylor drew from their experiences teaching in the classroom and supporting students through the LSE100 group research project to explore the opportunities and challenges in facilitating inclusive and principled spaces for student group work.

 LSE Education Forums are termly fora hosted by the LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement for LSE staff and students. To read more about them, visit here.



On Friday 24 February, LSE100 Fellow Dr Nina Vindum Rasmussen and her collaborator King’s College London’s Dr Taylor Annabell hosted a creative workshop entitled “Spotify Unwrapped”. Together with 25 student participants from across London universities, including LSE, Nina and Taylor explored Spotify Wrapped as an ‘algorithmic event’ - .

Dr Vindum Rasmussen and Dr Annabell led their participants through creative exercises, including creating collages on CDs and vinyls, to trace the connections and disparities between Spotify’s data capture, individual listening habits and lived identity.

Dr Vindum Rasmussen, Dr Annabell and their participants were also joined by musician Abby Inez who shared what types of data she accesses via ‘Spotify for Artists’ and how this data informs her own creative process.

This workshop builds upon Dr Vindum Rasmussen and Dr Annabell's respective research into digital technologies, especially within the cultural and media production, and the ways in which they impact daily life.


On 25 January, Dotmaker Tours hosted an environmental walking tour for students taking the LSE100 theme of "How can we avert climate catastrophe?"

Students and members of the LSE100 team were guided through the streets of London as they learned about the environmental challenges threatening across history as well as the city's attempts to meet them.

From Middle Temple to the embankment of the River Thames, our guide Rosie Oliver shared insight a rich, new environmental perspective on familiar city streets.



On 25 January, students taking the LSE100 theme of "How can we create a fair society?" experienced the LSE Library's archive of Charles Booth's original materials up close.

Led by Inderbir Bhullar, LSE100 contributor and Curator for Economics and Social Policy, this archival tour provided further insight into Booth's work, its context and socio-political history of the area immediately around LSE. 

Discussion of Booth and his work forms a key part of an LSE100 "How can we create a fair society?" seminar and this tour offered students a unique opportunity to directly engage with these materials in person.



LSE100 Fellow Dr Shereen Fernandez recently completed the research project “The Securitisation of Muslims in Britain” as part of her ESRC fellowship. The project, made in conjunction with the organisation Maslaha, considers the impact of Prevent and counterterrorism measures on Muslim identity. Focusing on various institutional structures and spaces, including schools, healthcare and homes, the project identifies how Islamophobia enters and operates in these spaces.  

Designed to be an audio-visual experience based on extensive research carried out from 2017 onwards, each chapter of the project is accompanied by an illustration and audio clip to elucidate how Muslim identity in Britain is being securitised.  

Congratulations to Dr Fernandez and her collaborators in completing such important, accessible research. 

 You can read and learn more about the project here



Congratulations to LSE100 Fellow Dr Lukas Slothuus on the publication of his peer-reviewed article “‘Black Intellectuals in the Age of Crack’: Organic Responsibility, Race-Class-Gender Nexus, and Action Paralysis in the Boston Review Roundtables, 1992-1993” in Global Intellectual History. 

In the article, Dr Slothuus offers a deeper understanding of Black intellectuals’ role in resisting oppression by recovering the critical context, arguments and outlooks offered during two roundtable debates held between prominent Black intellectuals in early 1990s United States.  

You can read Dr Slothuus’s article here



 Michaelmas Term 2022

As we move into the final weeks of 2022, there is much to celebrate here at the LSE100 Course.

We began the academic year excited to welcome three new Fellows, Dr Shereen Fernandez, Dr Emma Taylor and Dr Nina Vindum Rasmussen, to the LSE100 Team and a new cohort of LSE undergraduates to the course.

This Michaelmas Term saw every LSE first-year undergraduate student approach and analyse complex, interdisciplinary questions and challenges related to - depending on their chosen theme - controlling the future of AI, averting a climate catastrophe, or creating a fair society. They should be proud of all their hard work so far.

With over 2000 students on the course, this academic year marks the largest number of LSE first-year undergraduates to ever undertake LSE100. Our Co-Directors, Dr Jillian Terry and Dr Chris Blunt, and team of Fellows have thoroughly enjoyed guiding and supporting their classes as students rise to the challenge of developing their interdisciplinary thinking and praxis.

Looking ahead to Lent Term, with the continued support of the LSE100 teaching team, students will be further progressing their interdisciplinary academic skills by collaborating on a research project relating to their chosen LSE100 theme.

Until then, the LSE100 Team hope the whole LSE community enjoys a restful break and a very happy start to 2023!

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