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Database Security [Internal]
Database Purging Procedure
Database Vendors
Data Encryption requirements for end users
Data Breach Procedure
Data Protection and contracts
Data Protection and Criminal Offences Data
Data Protection and managing information
Data Protection and research
Data Protection of Commercial Research Policy
Data Protection Guidance: Anonymisation and Data Protection Research
Data Protection Guidance: Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation
Data Protection Guidance: Data Controller Versus Data Processor
Data Protection Guidance: Biometric Research Data Policy
Data Protection Guidance: Blogging and Data Protection
Data Protection Guidance: Clean Up for Outlook folders
Data Protection Guidance: Communicating with special categories data subjects
Data Protection Guidance: Creating Privacy Notices
Data Protection Guidance: Creating Privacy Notices for Marketing
Data Protection Guidance: Data Protection and HR related emails and documents
Data Protection Guidance: Determining who needs to know about personal data
Data Protection Guidance: DfE Data Access form Data Protection sections
Data Protection Guidance: Email retention and management
Data Protection Guidance: Exams and Data Protection
Data Protection Guidance: Handling requests for data from police
Data Protection Guidance: Help! I've lost my laptop
Data Protection Guidance: How to apply the Data Protection principles in your work
Data Protection Guidance: Managing electronic data deletion
Data Protection Guidance: Managing requests for data deletion
Data Protection Guidance: Online Survey Retention
Data Protection Guidance: Passport Scans and other photo ID
Data Protection Guidance: Personal Data on Mobile Devices
Data Protection Guidance: Publishing personal data on the website
Data Protection Guidance: Research Data Roles for Data Protection
Data Protection Guidance: Sending Emails to the Wrong Person
Data Protection Guidance: Sharepoint Sites Policy
Data Protection Guidance: Social media, data protection and research
Data Protection Guidance: Unsuccessful applications policy
Data Protection Guidance: Website Takedown Policy
Data Protection Guidance: What is confidential information
Data Protection Guidance: What is restricted information
Data Protection Guidance: When does a request for information become a subject access request
Data Protection Guidance: Where you must use FileDrop
Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy
Data Protection Impact Assessment [form]
Data Protection Policy
Departmental Funding Guidelines
De-registration guidance 
Scheme of Delegation [Internal Only]
Destruction of physical records
Dignity at Work Statement
Disability Policy
Disability: Reasonable Adjustments Guidance for managers
Disciplinary procedure for students 
Disciplinary Procedure for Professional Services Staff
Discrimination, Harrassment and Bullying Policy












Code of Research Conduct
Conditions of use of the residences network
Governance of Research 
Records management policy [See Information Assets and Records Management Policy] 
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Redeployment Policy and Procedure
Relationship and Service Agreement with the LSE Students’ Union 
Religious observance policy
Relocation Policy
Remote access policy [Internal]
Replacement Teaching Compensation Guidance
Request for access to another user's personal data
Research Data Management Policy
Research Data Management Toolkit
Research Data Retention
Research Degrees: for all guidance see here
Research Ethics Policy and Procedures 
LSE Research Exchange (RX) and use of CareerHub
Research Grants Policy (The Research Grants Policy has been in full effect from 1 August 2021 and applies partially to awards falling prior to this date but after the suspension of the Research Incentives Policy in June 2020).
Research Incentives Policy (The Research Incentives Policy was suspended in June 2020 and remains active only for eligible legacy projects. It has been replaced by the Research Grants Policy).
Research infrastructure and investment funds
Research Tools Minimum Standards
Responsibility allowance
Retention of financial documents
Retention of Research Data once Staff have left
Retention of unused SharePoint sites policy
Retention schedule
Retirement Policy
Review and Promotion of Assistant and Associate Professors
Risk Assessment (Health and Safety Procedures)
Risk Policy
Risk Procedure
Room booking policy









Risk and Compliance Unit

Risk-Management 16_9

Ethics Code

ethics 16_9

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