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Banking voucher (form)

Benevolent Fund (contact)

Bravo eTendering (web page)

Budgeting - FP&A contact 

Budget Controllers and Holders (policy)

Budget Holders and Controllers - OneFinance (web page) 

Budget Holders (document)

Bursaries (web page)

Bus Pass (form)

Business cases - FP&A contact 




e-Shop - please see Online store

Ecomonic History  - FP&A contact 

Economics -  inc Centre for Macroeconomics  - FP&A contact 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - EDI

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (web page)

Employment Status Flowchart for Managers (document)

Employment Status Questionnaire (form)

Endowments and Investments

Environmental considerations (web page)

EPos (contact)  

Estates - FP&A contact 

Ethical Professional Standards - Finance Division (doc)

Ethics code (web page)

European Institute - inc Hellenic Observatory - FP&A contact 


 Event tickets (web page)


Fee Remission Application (form)

Fee Remisson - terms and conditions (policy) (contact)

Feedback - we value your input (form)

Fees, Income and Credit Control - FICC (web page)

Fees information (web page)

FICC Staff user guide (policy)

Finance and Estates Committee (contact)

Finance Department  - FP&A contact 


Financial regualtions and policies (web page)

Financial Statements 2016 (web page)

Financial Systems training (web page)

First Aiders (contacts)

Fire Marshals (contact)

Fixed assest register (web page)

Floats for cateing outlets (web page)

Forecasting (contact)

Foreign Supplier Payments
       (web page)

FP& A - staff allocation to departments (document)

Fund checks (web page)




IGA and Centres  - FP&A contact 

Income Tax (policy)

International Growth Centre - IGC - FP&A contact 

Institute of Public Affairs - IPA  - FP&A contact 

International Development  - FP&A contact 

International History - FP&A contact 

International Relations - FP&A contact 


This is overseen by the Secretary's Division of the School:

Contact: Secdiv.Insurance@lse.ac.uk 

Internal Debit Notes (contact)

Investment Sub Committee (contact)

Investments and Endowments 

Invoices to be paid (web page)

Invoices to be raised (web page)

IT facilities (document)



Language Centre - FP&A contact 

Law - FP&A contact 

Library - FP&A contact 

Lionel Robbins Building Fire evacuation plans (pdf)


Loan covenants (web page)

London living wage (web page)

LSE 100 - FP&A contact 

LSE-E - FP&A contact 

LSE Advancement - FP&A contact 

LSE Careers - FP&A contact 

LSE Foundation accounting (web page)

LSE Life - FP&A contact 


Make a payment (web page)

Management  - FP&A contact 

Marshall Institute  - FP&A contact 

Mathematics  - FP&A contact 

Media and Communication - FP&A contact 

Meeting room bookings - LRB 5th floor (web page)

Methodology - FP&A contact 

Military funding (web page)

Missing Receipt Declaration (form)

Mission Statement of the Finance Division

MPA - FP&A contact 

National Insurance (policy)

Nominated suppliers (web link)

Non-Staff Expense Claims (web page)

Nursery - FP&A contact 


Recloation claims (web page)

Redundancy and Severance payments (policy)

Refund request - student (web page)

Refund request - staff (web page)

Research Centres - FP&A contact 

Research and Innovation - FP&A contact 

Research Grants and Contracts - FP&A contact 

Residential and Catering Services Division - FP&A contact 

Rezlynx - reservation system support (contact)

Russell Group accounting (web page)


Salary bands (document)

Salary fund checks (web page)

Salary and on cost calculator (form)

Salary Increments (policy)

Sales invoice (web page)

Self Employed Contract checklist (form)

Scholarships - FP&A contact 

School Initiatives - development (contact)

Season Ticket Loan (form)

Self Employed Workers (policy)

Senior Common Room - joining application (form)

Senior Management Committee expenses (web page)

Service Agreement (Development) Bespoke (form) 

School Committees (web page)

Short term visitors flow chart (document)

SMT meetings (web page)

Social Policy  - FP&A contact 

Sociology - FP&A contact 

SSRS reporting (contact)

Staff Advance Payments (web page)

Staff Housing Loans (web page)

Staff Expense Claims (web page)

Staff meetings (web page)

Staff Research Accounts  - FP&A contact 

Statements 5 slides (presentation)

Statistics - FP&A contact 

Stipends to visiting fellows (web page)

Student Sponsorship and other payments (web page)

Subsistence, Travel and Personal Expenses Policy and Procedure

Summer School and Executive Programmes - FP&A contact 

Supplier list (link)




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